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Filling out this request does not guarantee the requested accommodations. Student needs vary according to each individual and also, between each class. Therefore, it is important for you to clarify the particular accommodations you are requesting. Once this request is completed, someone from the Student Accessibility and Accommodations Team will be in contact with you.

If you do not have up to date documentation, please fill out the Disability Verification Form available on our website or, contact

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The following are types of documentation that are valid for review:

  • Disability Verification Form filled by a registered professional (see myBU SAS page for the blank form)
  • Psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessment
  • Assessment report or diagnosis from a registered professional
  • Intervention of 504 plan from another institution
Please read the following:

2023-2024 Consent for Working with Student Accessibility Services (SAS)


Student Services offers accessibility services to currently enrolled Bishop’s University students. Accessibility Specialists arrange for reasonable accommodations in accordance with Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Support for students is a shared responsibility between students, SAS, faculty, and all university personnel.


Confidentiality:  All personal information and communications with SAS remains strictly confidential unless otherwise agreed upon by written consent.


Limits of Confidentiality: Despite strict efforts to maintain confidentiality, there are situations where we would be required by law to release confidential information:

·        The presence of clear and imminent danger to you and/or an identifiable person or group of persons, and/or risk of child abuse or neglect.

·        Your file has been subpoenaed by a court of law.


Student Service professionals work in a multi-disciplinary approach. To provide the best care possible, there may be times when the Accessibility Specialist will consult with another professional of the Student Services team. All professionals guarantee that they are a member in good standing with their professional order and adhere to the ethical guidelines as stipulated in their code of ethics


Specific to the context of virtual support, (using video/chat/telephone communication for meetings), we can only confirm that this conversation will remain confidential on the part of your Accessibility Specialist. You will be responsible for the confidentiality of your own space. Also, know that there is a higher risk for confidential information to be compromised using online platforms. Your Accessibility Specialist will use all necessary means to safeguard the confidentiality of your information namely by using platforms that are password protected.


If we are required to disclose information, every effort to work collaboratively with you will be made.  To provide you with the best service possible, there may also be times when consultation with another health professional or member of the student services team will be sought. In these situations, your identifying information will be protected.


Records:  All student records are confidential and virtually safeguarded through password protection on Accommodate which is an online, data management system. Written documentation of interventions is kept for legal purposes. Student files are accessible by Accessibility Specialists, interns, and the Director of SAS. Health Services (nurses and doctors on campus) may be consulted to provide the best care possible. The Student Services Support Coordinators will also have access for administrative purposes. Your virtual file will be kept for a period of 5 years after which, it will be appropriately destroyed.


In-person Appointments:  It is the student’s responsibility to respect appointment times and duration. Appointments will be cancelled if you do not arrive within the first 10 minutes of the scheduled time. If an appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, 24-hour advance notice is required. You may do so by contacting the Student Services Support Coordinator by email or phone.


Virtual appointments: Your Accessibility Specialist will reach out to you through the virtual platform you have agreed upon during the first 5 minutes of the scheduled time. Should your Accessibility Specialist be unable to reach you within this timeframe, your appointment will be cancelled. You can request another appointment by contacting your Accessibility Specialist or the SAS Support Coordinator.


SAS does not provide a 24-hour or seven day a week support. In the event of an emergency, leave a message or email the SAS Support Coordinator and someone from the team will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Informed Consent: Working with Student Accessibility Services

I have read and understood the above information and have had the opportunity to ask any needed questions. 

By electronically signing and clicking 'Submit' below, I certify that I have been informed of the nature and goals of the services provided. I further acknowledged that I could withdraw consent at any time.